collaboration with amazing chef Matthew Gunther

Welcoming Matthew as chef, Rachel,Marika and Francesco as video crew,I had a wonderful afternoon.
I met Rachel and Marika at Fort Greene farmers market. We had girl's market date & meet up Matthew & Francesco at my place.
Rachel & Marika, twin sisters are launching video blog, and one of their project was shooting Matthew's cooking. I was so please to be part of this!Also I was really excited to see how my plates looks. It is like make over!

Matthew's dish are absolutely beautiful, fresh, fun and full of surprise. Smoked cured mackerel with corn and pickled blueberry, Lobster with summer squash & smoked egg vinaigrette,Arctic char with cucumber gazpacho  etc etc..
It is such a treasure to have friends like them so creative & open mind. Collaborating with another creative people give me so much power and influence. I love growing with friends:)

I am thinking to welcome Matthew for Katakanany supper club as chef this Winter. I will keep posted!!


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