Green day

 It is so hot, we felt like we need greeeeeen...

Shinos's raw kale salad
Separate leafy part of kale from stem by hand.
toss with olive oil, sea salt, black pepper, fresh lemon juice(sometime I use apple vinegar)
 permesan cheese, any kind of nuts(i pan roasted hazel nuts with sea salt today, but pine nuts are great) & raw sprouted beans(you don't really need it!)
massage few minutes. I like to eat few hours later, just because leaf get softer.

Jared's green gazpacho
Chop all vegetable-whatever you want to drink(seriously!!)
well. we use tomato, yellow pepper, cucumber, onion, parsley & garlic
mix in blender with tomato juice, olive oil, red wine vinegar,sea salt and tabasco(if you like)
Finish with avocado & fresh lemon juice

!!!!don't put too much garlic, all you need is just little bit!!!
Just for the record-According to Jared, we suppose to put bread. But I refused. I love bread, but I cannop drink bread...It was refreshing! (although if I am a kid, i wouldn't eat..)

Happy summer day! Be cool~


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